The Prior Family Foundation

Established in 2015 the Prior Family Foundation (PFF) is the culmination of a desire by David and Sallie Prior to create an enduring legacy of positive impact for future generations.

About the Foundation

The PFF has an overriding theme of Preservation and operates through chosen focus areas of great importance to the Prior family, careful assessment of priority causes and a selection of partners in the specific area of interest.

Our impact is built on the belief that success is achieved through combining direct on-ground action and wider influence with government and communities.

For people to live in greater harmony, understanding culture and history is essential. This focus area aims to positively impact and change where cultural stresses are evident, in particular with First Nations people.

Our world on land and in the oceans is suffering after decades without adequate consideration of the sustainability of our actions. This focus area works to positively change our environmental impact.

Animals becoming severely endangered or close to extinction significantly impacts the bio-diversity of the planet. This focus area aims to reduce the risk of losing critically endangered species and habitat conservation.

This focus area responds to event driven and urgent needs where critical and timely action makes a real difference to people, their survival and well-being.

The Prior Family Foundation aims to create an enduring legacy of positive impact for future generations.
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