Initiatives and Projects


Culture is Life

Actively backing Aboriginal led activity throughout the COVID period. The organization has proudly contributed to the Manual of Best Practice in Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention by facilitating a Youth consultation project to inform the manual.

In addition the education and advocacy area has launched the Archie Roach Stolen Generations Educational Resources. – “It is the sharing of stories, of truth-telling, that helps all Australians heal”

First Nations Curriculum writers from Culture is Life, in collaboration with the Archie Roach Foundation, have produced this legacy project to educate all Australians. Inspired by Archie’s songs, Stolen Generations survivors talk about the intergenerational impacts of forced removal, experienced to this day, and the healing power of Archie’s music. The Archie Roach Stolen Generations Resources includes filmed conversations with Archie and the Elders around the themes of Cultural Identity, Stolen Generations, Talking Our Truths, and Healing Through Story and The Arts, with comprehensive educational support materials. All resources are freely available on ABC Education.


Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef “Great Reef Census”

The Great Reef Census launched across the Great Barrier Reef in early October 2020, with a flotilla of boats being deployed over the next 10 weeks across its 2,300km length, from Lady Elliot Island in the south to the remote Far North.

The Great Reef Census is a world-first citizen science project designed to capture large-scale reconnaissance data from across the Great Barrier Reef, helping to support reef research and management. It explores new ways for how citizen science data can help scientists and managers improve their ability to locate some of the most important sources of coral recovery.

The Project takes a 21st century approach to conservation — a collaborative project across science, tourism and local communities that seeks to establish an innovative and scalable approach to conservation challenges, as well as foster a sense of stewardship for the Reef.


Black Mambas

Inside the Balule Nature Reserve, part of the Greater Kruger National Park in South Africa, a team of army-trained women guard the frontline.

Having grown up alongside Africa’s iconic animals – rhinos, elephants, lions and much more – they’ve seen firsthand the destruction caused by poaching. Utterly heartbroken and highly concerned for their children’s future, these women – first mothers, then rangers and now leaders in the community – strive for peace. Poaching not only devastates countless species but leads to the social and moral decay of surrounding communities.

The ‘war’ on poaching breeds violence and corruption, and results in overwhelming loss of life, both wildlife and people. The Black Mambas, South Africa’s first female anti-poaching unit, is fighting to win this war, not with guns and bullets, but with social upliftment and education.


Greening Australia - Reef Aid

Greening Australia (GA) has a vision of healthy, productive landscapes where people and nature thrive.

The PFF is a founding supporter of the Reef Aid program.

Climate change and poor water quality are the greatest threats to the future of the Great Barrier Reef. Reef Aid works with landholders, communities and Traditional Owners to improve water quality for the Reef by rebuilding gullies and restoring coastal wetlands across the catchment.


Ol Pejeta

Ol Pejeta achieves far more than rhino conservation, investing in the a future where both rhino and the surrounding communities can prosper together.

The Ol Pejeta Conservancy is a 400 square kilometre safe haven for wildlife, including rhino, in the Laikipia region of Kenya. It is home to the largest population of black rhino in East Africa, and the last two northern white rhinos in the world. Despite a challenging 2020, Ol Pejeta has continued their conservation efforts with new solutions in technology, science, community relationship and innovation.

Ol Pejeta works side by side the surrounding community. In 2020, this included the provision of laptops to final year students with an offline data studio and solar power to keep them charged. A big part of the relationship with the community remains as an essential human-wildlife conflict mitigation strategy.


Princes Trust Australia

Princes Trust Australia’s vision is a sustainable future for Australia, where young people, military families, and communities thrive.

Their projects mainly focus on transitioning the veteran community into self-employment, inspiring young Australians to thrive in the new world of work and helping communities to create better places to live.